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Some of our most visually appealing changes

1 month ago

Happy Sunday everyone. As you ease into the second week of 2024, we're easing your eyes with these new changes. 

New "404 page" visuals

We updated the way our missing short URL and image files look to end users. Check it out.

New way to contact us

Surprisingly, we have not had a dead simple way to get in touch — like at all. Instead of sending an email, we've made it easier for you to contact us now with our new Contact Form, located at We provide helpful resources there, too.

And one more thing about custom domains...

You're probably sick of hearing about custom domains in every changelog update. However, this one is great for non-savvy people. Users can now request for an expert to set up their custom domain for them, all for only $5. Just head to our "Custom Domains" section of the website. Additionally, we fixed a lot of issues to make our custom domains system more reliable.

A very ˢᵐᵃˡˡ update

We also changed the way our homepage looks, it's more organized with a header and shows sitewide stats. Not that helpful but it looks amazing. Go check it out at

That's it for this week of updates. See you soon with some more great changes!


A recap of Q4 2023

1 month ago

After a while of inactivity on, I decided to bounce back into the project and start maintaining it again. Over the past few months, we've pushed several great updates and want to recap everything that's been added. Let's get started! 

Revising our Custom Domains system

We have supported custom domains since launch with a weird redirect workaround that didn't support images, but now it's as simple as adding as a CNAME record to your site. Plus, images are natively displayed on your domain instead of redirecting to Custom domains work with our ShareX integration too, and you can find instructions for that here.

An update to our Short URL preview

We've supported decoding short URLS to their long form since launch, but we changed some things on the feature. First, we're using the term "preview" now instead of "decode" as it may have been too technical for some users. Most importantly, we're now showing a website preview screenshot (⚡️ by so you know exactly what the link looks like too.

New short URL analytics

We're now counting views when a short URL is visited for analytic purposes. Instead of keeping this information to ourselves, we're passing it to you too! You can view these analytics by typing either your long URL (in case you don't know the short URL) or your short URL (in case you don't know the long URL) into the box and clicking "Make it short". You'll see any analytic data we collect under the short URL. 

Pretty QR codes generated on the fly

You can now generate and download a pretty QR code that leads to your short link. Type any long/already shortened URL into the box and you'll see a 'QR Code' option next to our new analytics. Click this option and your QR code will be downloaded. We collect analytics on scanned QR codes, too.

New status page and changelog site

Since we're growing and adding all new features, we need a way to let you know about them! We've added a changelog site, which you know about - because you're reading this right now. We're super excited because this also means you can now suggest features and vote on other suggestions! Also, a detailed and informative status page is now available too incase shit hits the fan.

The max size for images is now 25MB

We realized 10 megabytes for an image is quite small, especially when it's erased from our server after 12 hours anyways. We recently upgraded our VPS so we now have even more room for larger images. We'll never compress your quality either, so upload away!

Install on your device is now a Progressive Web App (PWA) which means you can install it on your device and use it as if it was a native app. There are multiple ways to do this. If you're on an iPhone/other mobile device, simply click "Add to home screen" within your browser. On Chrome, you'll see an "📥 Install" button in the address bar. Click that and have fun on the go! (Internet access is required)

Miscellaneous website updates & more

You'll probably noticed we did some housekeeping on the website too. Some brought new features, some are just to tidy up. We:

  • Cleaned up the header (it's very r⬭und now) and added our status page and changelog links to it
  • Changed Twitter references to 𝕏 since Elon isn't quite sure what he's doing
  • Added an example link under the "Make it Short" button (hint: it's very l⬭ng)
  • Made 12-hour erasure warning on image host module less intrusive
  • Made our website more mobile friendly (phoOoOoOooOOOoOOone)
  • Fixed some eyesores: x-axis too large, wave gradient too short, buttons off-center & more

Along with these updates, we've introduced new costs for running YMonetary contributors' suggestions usually take priority over everyone else's. If you really want a feature implemented, consider sponsoring me on GitHub or purchasing a custom short URL slug. Our donors are what keeps this project alive. Without them, we couldn't do it.